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This is What Happened

July 24 -
August 28, 2015


Posession, wood and silver leaf, Heidi Pollard (L), Cellular Memory 8 (detail), vintage paper collage and gouach on wood, Valerie Roybal (R), images courtesy of the artists

This is What Happened

Valerie roybal &

heidi pollard
July 24- August 28, 2015

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This is What Happened: Albuquerque artists Heidi Pollard and Valerie Roybal have teamed up to present a multi-media exhibition of works exploring the joy of possibility—the possibilities of salvaged and collected materials, and the possibilities of re-purposing and re-inventing their use. Both artists also pull from the natural world, exploring the forms, shapes, and structures that are found in plants and creatures of land, air, and sea.
Pollard has chosen to focus on 3-dimensional work and drawing. Most of Pollard’s sculptures are simple forms made of recycled and modest materials. They relate to the natural world, to childhood games and toys, and to improvised shapes and figures.
Roybal works in collage and sculpture using ephemera and found materials. Much of her work consists of layered and built up surfaces: bits and pieces from vintage books, handwritten letters and receipts, and objects discarded from the lives of others. Association and reverence emerges from the sorting, arranging, and placement of each individual piece into a collective whole.
In addition, Roybal and Pollard have collaborated on an installation of drawings and collages that resembles a sort of exploded sketchbook, pages of raw ideas gathered, posted, and offered up for inspection.

Reception: Friday July 24, 5-8p

Gallery Hours: Thursdays & Fridays, 12-5 and by appointment. Please call (505)228-3749 for more information.

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