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September 11 - October 16, 2015





Image courtesy of Jim Stone

Portrait. portrait.

Adrienne Salinger + Jim stone

& the new mexico portrait project

Anna Hansen, Roberta price Brian edwards, alan myer,Carrie L. Mccarty

Opening reception: Friday Sept. 11

from 5-8pm

SCA will be moving to 401

2nd Street January 2016.

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SCA Contemporary Art is pleased to announce a large body of photographic
works by Jim Stone, Adrienne Salinger and the New Mexico Portrait Project. This
photography exhibition takes a regional glimpse at the long-historied practice of
the photographic genre of portraiture.
Adrienne Salinger explores the vast subject of middle-aged men. With
approximately thirty million middle-aged men in this country, Salinger’s images
represent the last moment that we might be able to look closely into these men’s
unaltered faces as they make the shift from middle age to aged. The series itself
is comprised of over 350 men, with the majority of the self-selected participants
coming from Albuquerque. The particularity of these portraits allows a scrutiny
that simply does not occur in "real" life. They tell the truth the way a novelist tells
the truth - that is, completely, and not at all.
Jim Stone makes photographs that interrogate the choices we make. Once we
are fed and sheltered, what else do we tend to? These are portraits that reveal
eccentricities in ordinary people and normalcy in oddballs. One ambition of
these images is to hold a mirror up to the viewer. Stone’s photographs are
purposefully made to appear unambiguous, presented in a "documentary" style.
A haiku-like title appears with each image to answer the first questions a viewer
might ask, but it often serves only to illuminate other mysteries.
Every year since 2009, a group of photographers convene at the New Mexico
State Fair, making portraits of fair attendees. There are few places left where
New Mexicans of all ages and races, from all over the state, and with very
different lives, come together to enjoy themselves. Fairgoers have been
overwhelmingly receptive to having their portraits made. The State Fair Portrait
Project now has over 7,500 images, and the archive will go to the New Mexico
History Museum. This show represents a mere sampling of those images.
Please contact the gallery for more information.

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